The need for innovation is everywhere. Every day we experience old systems, aging technology and traditional ways of thinking that hold us back from improving. There has to be a better way.

At North Forge Technology Exchange, we have the privilege of working with brilliant innovators and entrepreneurs every day who inspire us to take risks, think about things differently and try new things.

Our province has big challenges ahead and rather than expecting someone else to solve everything for us, North Forge wants to step up and help Manitoba do what we do best: Innovate.

More often than not, innovation occurs when a number of people inside an organization focus on solving a common problem. Through our Manitoba Open Innovation Challenge, we want to put the brilliant and diverse minds of our entire province to work on some our biggest issues.

The process is simple. We will outline the problem and provide background information for the challenge. You send in your ideas. We will help develop and test the best ideas. We will help scale the best solution. Our province becomes a better place.

We believe the best solutions for the people will come from the people. It’s time to participate.


North Forge Technology Exchange is an innovation-based economic development agency and a powerhouse community to fuel Manitoba’s innovation economy providing entrepreneurs with award-winning mentors, rockstar subject matter experts and a two-stage startup program that has helped over 100 companies access over 180 million dollars in financings and create hundreds of jobs. North Forge Technology Exchange has the tools, reach and resources to help turn those ideas into working solutions.